August 21, 2019

New Savings and Incentive Estimator Tool for Single-Family Performance Path Homes


We’re excited to announce a new savings and incentive estimator tool for single-family Performance Path homes!

This new tool, available within AXIS, may be used to estimate savings, percent improvement over code, and builder incentive for homes seeking qualification in a utility’s Performance Path program. Data entry is minimal and a REM/RateTM file export/upload is not required. Raters/Verifiers with an active AXIS account may use this tool to review different home configurations and generate estimation reports to support design consulting with builders.

When using the estimator tool:

  • Log in using an active AXIS account
  • REM/Rate Performance Path User-Defined Reference Homes (UDRHs) must be used for determining code-level baseline values. Either version 15.3 or 15.7.1 may be used until the REM/Rate version transition period ends (September 30, 2019).
  • REM/Rate files do not need to be exported/uploaded to AXIS. The tool will ask for the heating, cooling, and total kWh and consumption values for the UDRH and as-built home, as shown on the REM/Rate Fuel Summary Report.
  • Estimated savings and percent improvement over code will be calculated for any home entered in the tool.
  • Builder incentive estimates and utility-specific minimum qualification messaging are only available when selecting a utility that has its Performance Pth-based program details configured in AXIS.

Click here to access the Performance Path Estimator Tool

This tool provides estimated results. It does not guarantee utility program qualification nor incentive.

To qualify for utility incentives, utility-specific program details must first be configured in AXIS. Raters/Verifiers must then create a full AXIS home record with: (1) the Utility Incentive V2—Single Family Performance Path program added, (2) REM/Rate file exported/uploaded, (3) checklist questions answered, and then finally (4) the home submitted for quality assurance review. Contact your utility or BetterBuiltNW with any questions.

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