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BetterBuiltNW Newsletter Q2 2018

Home Efficiency Forum 2018 registration now open, RESNET and PHIUS+ 2018 updates, Zero Energy Certified homes in the NW and the 2018 ENERGY STAR awards.

Three BetterBuiltNW partners earned ENERGY STAR® 2018 Awards

The 2018 ENERGY STAR award winners lead their industries in the production and sale of energy-efficient products and services and in the development and adoption of strategies that provide substantial energy and money savings in the buildings where we live and work. Three BetterBuiltNW partners were recognized this year.

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Zero Energy Certified: Recognition for Four Northwest Homes

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) recognized four Northwest homes as Zero Energy Certified at this year’s Living Future unConference in Portland. This prestigious certification requires participants to conduct a one-year post-occupancy monitoring assessment to demonstrate that their homes offset all energy use with renewables. 

PHIUS+ 2018: What’s New?

The PHIUS+ 2018 Pilot is now open for use. PHIUS developed the draft 2018 PHIUS+ Standard to more accurately reflect the nuance of project types and size across climate zones and the relationship between envelope and floor area. PHIUS+ 2018 is the first updated revision, and PHIUS will phase it in through 2018, eventually replacing PHIUS+ 2015. 

RESNET® Update: Northwest Homes Strive for Net Zero

RESNET® recently shared an exciting update: More than 2,000 homes built in 2017 obtained a HERS Index Score of 40 or less, which RESNET considers the threshold for net-zero-energy homes. Thirty-two of these impressive homes are in the Northwest!

BetterBuiltNW Newsletter Q1 2018

Home Efficiency Forum 2018 location release, new single-family performance path programs and case studies from around the region.

Proper Integration of Heat Recovery Ventilators with Residential Air Handlers

Since most American homes already have a forced-air heating and cooling system, it’s almost irresistible to use the same ductwork for fresh air ventilation. But beware the pitfalls! Avoid performance-killing mistakes by following these essential guidelines for HRV installation. 

Six Steps to Success with Heat Recovery Ventilation

One of the most visible, and perhaps even iconic, features of a super energy-efficient home is the heat recovery ventilator (HRV). These devices remove stale air from the home and replace it with pre-heated fresh air from outside. Proper planning and equipment selection are essential for effective ventilation. To avoid snafus, follow these six guidelines for HRVs.

Birdsmouth Construction Banks on Zero Energy

Zero Energy Project (ZEP) Founder Joe Emerson interviewed Josh Salinger of Birdsmouth Construction about their business decision to focus on high-performance buildings and their latest push into a cluster of zero energy homes.

BetterBuiltNW Newsletter Q4 2017

Inspiring case studies from the region, Presentations from Home Efficiency Forum 2017 now available online, and Utilities introduce New Homes Incentive Programs

DOE Housing Innovation Awards - Honorable Mentions for NW Builders

Earlier this month at the EEBA High Performance Home Summit, the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program had the pleasure of honoring 24 of the nation’s leading builders with the 2017 Housing Innovation Awards. These awards not only recognize these builders for their incredible homes, but also their leadership. Overall, 26 award-winning homes were selected from five categories: Affordable Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Production Homes, Custom Homes (Buyers), and Custom Homes (Spec). This year’s honorable mentions include Northwest regional builders.

BetterBuiltNW Newsletter Q3 2017

Announcing the sessions for Home Efficiency Forum 2017

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