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BetterBuilt Newsletter Q4 2019

Q4 updates including Home Efficiency Forum and more.


BetterBuiltNW Newsletter Q3 2019

Marketing benefits from certification programs, HEF2019, Builder Focus Group, Green Building Slams

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BetterBuiltNW Newsletter Q2 2019

ShiftBuilding Symposium, Living Building Challenge, Women in Residential Construction and more

A Banner Year for BetterBuiltNW Trainings

This year, BetterBuiltNW has supported and delivered a total of ten trainings in traditionally hard-to-reach markets across the NW region. 

SEERiously, What’s Behind a Rating?

Written by Bruce Manclark, Contextual Analyst

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is used to gauge an air conditioner’s efficiency and to market higher efficiency equipment to consumers. For the record, SEER is the ratio of BTUs removed divided by watt hours drawn. It does include some other factors, such as the coefficient of degradation (cycling losses). The test is at 82°F outside, and inside conditions at 80°F dry bulb and 67°F wet bulb; in other words, a condition that we who are lucky enough to live West of the Rockies seldom see. We have dry summers and when we air condition a house for a few hours, the air becomes even drier. (The test also includes fan wattage, but it’s at an unrealistic ESP that causes the fan energy to be artificially low.)

New Savings and Incentive Estimator Tool for Single-Family Performance Path Homes

We’re excited to announce a new savings and incentive estimator tool for single-family Performance Path homes!  

This new tool, available within AXIS, may be used to estimate savings, percent improvement over code, and builder incentive for homes seeking qualification in a utility’s Performance Path program. Data entry is minimal and a REM/RateTM file export/upload is not required. Raters/Verifiers with an active AXIS account may use this tool to review different home configurations and generate estimation reports to support design consulting with builders.  

Help Inform Tech Specs for Integrated Air Handler and ERV for Low Load Homes

Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) recently developed an integrated air handler and ERV for low-load homes, and they are requesting your feedback to help inform technical specifications. SWA and the Department of Energy’s Building America program would greatly appreciate your industry insights on this 5-minute survey. Please complete the survey here.

Wrestling a Bear – Advancing Programs Under Complex Codes

For builders aiming to comply with WSEC, for raters and energy consultants providing modeling and inspection services, and for above-code utility and home certification programs, the stringency and complexity of the current code, while both necessary and beneficial overall, also present a few hurdles in our efforts to continue providing homes that perform substantially better than code.

Building resilient new homes for today’s changing climate

There have been some big disasters lately that have made the headlines, and it’s hard not to relate to those climate-related events hitting closer to home. As these events occur more and more frequently, it’s even more important to plan ahead and factor the greater likelihood of weather and temperature changes as we build for the future. 

BetterBuiltNW Newsletter Q1 2019

2018 National Green Building Standard Green Partners of Excellence, RESNET Podcast, 2019 Northwest Home Tours and more

Get the free eBook: Beating the Heat Resilient Housing Design Guide

The Green Builder® has released its second edition of the strategic defense guide for building and preparing new and existing properties to withstand nature's fury.

Stay up to date on Home Energy Ratings

RESTalk, a podcast from RESNET, is the best way to stay current on everything going on in the world of Home Energy Ratings. It covers initiatives, standards, marketing and more. 

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