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18 April, 2024

The Sustainable Homes Professional Training Helps Builder Teams Thrive

Owners of construction companies want each project to produce high-quality results. In this pursuit, Josh Salinger of Birdsmouth Design-Build has prioritized enrolling his entire project team in the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) training, as many other builders have done over the years. He credits SHP for helping to bolster the team's expertise and giving them a shared language to deliver quality results to clients.

Certification Programs

Home certification and new construction programs offer benefits to your business that include incentives, brand recognition and technical support.
Home Certification Programs

  • Get certified
  • Gain benefits
  • Find program allies that complement your goals
New Construction Utility Programs

  • Claim incentives for incorporating high-efficiency products
  • Claim incentives for features in new construction homes

Why Certifications Matter

Through its Priority Green Expedited Permitting Program, the City of Seattle offers faster permitting as an incentive for certified green building developments. Seattle relies on independent third-party green rating systems to set the baseline for Seattleā€™s green building standards. Built Green, a local Seattle organization, is the certification program most utilized for earning incentives. The partnership between Built Green and the City coordinates existing resources and processes towards high but achievable thresholds for energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and indoor air quality.

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