Help Inform Tech Specs for Integrated Air Handler and ERV for Low Load Homes

  • July 22, 2019

Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) recently developed an integrated air handler and ERV for low-load homes, and they are requesting your feedback to help inform technical specifications. SWA and the Department of Energy’s Building America program would greatly appreciate your industry insights on this 5-minute survey. Please complete the survey here.

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New Savings and Incentive Estimator Tool for Single-Family Performance Path Homes

We’re excited to announce a new savings and incentive estimator tool for single-family Performance Path homes!  

This new tool, available within AXIS, may be used to estimate savings, percent improvement over code, and builder incentive for homes seeking qualification in a utility’s Performance Path program. Data entry is minimal and a REM/RateTM file export/upload is not required. Raters/Verifiers with an active AXIS account may use this tool to review different home configurations and generate estimation reports to support design consulting with builders.  

Wrestling a Bear – Advancing Programs Under Complex Codes

For builders aiming to comply with WSEC, for raters and energy consultants providing modeling and inspection services, and for above-code utility and home certification programs, the stringency and complexity of the current code, while both necessary and beneficial overall, also present a few hurdles in our efforts to continue providing homes that perform substantially better than code.

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