16 January, 2024

Heat Pumps: The Ultimate Installation Guide

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Following our first session on system design, this session is dedicated to one of the most critical aspects of HVAC – the installation. A proper installation ensures the longevity and efficiency of the system, bridging the gap between design and commissioning.

This training is a result from collaboration with a group of industry partners, ensuring a relevant and practical guide to HVAC installation challenges. Bruce Manclark will host our lead speaker, Matt Ryan of Petra Heating & Cooling, who is an HVAC contractor with decades of experience. He brings practical insights and solutions to common and complex installation challenges that are relevant to a variety of building industry audiences.

Matt will cover key areas such as:

  • Optimal setups for both outdoor and indoor units
  • Piping details, from choosing the right bend to ensuring solid connections
  • Essential start-up procedures to ensure efficient and durable system operation

Benefit from industry-vetted knowledge and Matt’s many years of experience in order to enhance your HVAC installation process.

To receive Continuing Education (CE) credits, log in through our website to access the course.

You can also watch the training recording on the BetterBuiltNW YouTube channel.

This session is a part of a three-part series on how to effectively design, install and commission air source heat pumps (ASHPs) in residential homes.

This series has been developed by and for building industry professionals (builders, designers, HVAC contractors, raters, and beyond) to better understand ASHP applications and to provide tangible design principles and construction practices that can be integrated into your building process. View the other sessions Heat Pumps: Mastering Design Principles and Heat Pumps: The Art of Commissioning.

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