16 January, 2024

Heat Pumps: Mastering Design Principles

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As the HVAC landscape rapidly evolves, air-source heat pumps (ASHP) are at the forefront, signaling a shift towards sustainable and efficient technologies. This session dives into the intricacies of ASHPs, aiming to demystify their design principles and ensure proper applications.

Enter our well-regarded host for the series, Bruce Manclark, Senior Technical Advisor at Earth Advantage. An emblem of expertise and wit in the energy efficiency realm, Bruce's storied career spans over four decades, touching 10,000s of homes through his conservation programs, energy audits, and impactful technical training. Renowned for his engaging presentation style, Bruce combines profound knowledge with liveliness, making even complex topics engaging and relatable.

Later in the session, Greg Davenport from Mitsubishi Electric's Performance Construction Team, will take the helm. An authority on energy-efficient Variable Capacity Heat Pump systems, Greg will shed light on the meticulous system design and equipment selection intrinsic to ASHPs. Attendees will gain valuable insights into essential load calculations, along with the critical components of Manuals J, S, and D.

Join us, under Bruce and Greg's collective guidance, to traverse the world of ASHP system design. Equip yourself with knowledge and steer your projects towards a more efficient HVAC future.

To receive Continuing Education (CE) credits, log in through our website to access the course.

You can also watch the training recording on the BetterBuiltNW YouTube channel.

This session is a part of a three-part series on how to effectively design, install and commission air source heat pumps (ASHPs) in residential homes.

This series has been developed by and for building industry professionals (builders, designers, HVAC contractors, raters, and beyond) to better understand ASHP applications and to provide tangible design principles and construction practices that can be integrated into your building process. View the other sessions Heat Pumps: The Ultimate Installation Guide and Heat Pumps: The Art of Commissioning.

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