November 20, 2018

Why Should Builders Have Their Homes Rated?

Screencap from RESNET Rater Video

RESNET is undertaking a marketing campaign to increase the demand for HERS ratings. A key element is to communicate why builders should have their homes HERS rated.

As part of this effort, RESNET has produced a short video targeting builders: "Why Builders Should Have Their Homes Rated." The video addresses:

  • The growing consumer demand for energy-efficient homes
  • What is the HERS Index?
  • Advantages of a home having a HERS rating:
    • Capitalize on growing consumer demand for energy-efficient homes
    • Have homes labeled in a consumer-friendly way
    • Promote homes that are independently inspected and labeled in accordance with a national industry standard
    • Create opportunity for home to have a higher appraised value
    • Be able to market homes with lower utility costs
    • Have fewer consumer call backs because of comfort issues

This video can be a valuable tool for certified RESNET HERS Raters to market their services. HERS Raters are encouraged to download the video to post on their website and incorporate into their presentations to builders.

Watch Video
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