June 04, 2020

Tips for Building Healthy Homes


Health-related characteristics of homes, including indoor air quality, is rising in popularity among homeowners. Builders can differentiate their homes from others on the market by designing homes with indoor air quality in mind. HVAC School developed the Healthy Indoor Air CheckPoints graphic, featured above, as a resource for builders to ensure indoor air quality is integrated into their building design.

Key measures featured in the Healthy Indoor Air CheckPoints graphic include:

  • Vent clothes dryer, bath fans, and kitchen outside
  • Seal air ducts in attic
  • Balance room pressures and airflow with proper return and supply
  • Properly vent fireplaces and fuel-burning appliances
  • Outdoor air ventilation using ERV, HRV or ventilating dehumidifier as appropriate

Check out the HVAC School graphic for the full list of healthy indoor air checkpoints and visit HVAC School online for more building tips.

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