September 24, 2018

Rheem® Launches Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Builder Class


Rheem® recently unveiled a heat pump water heater specifically designed for builders to maximize HERS and energy design ratings. The new Rheem Hybrid Builder Class residential heat pump water heater is Title 24 compliant and exceeds NEEA’s Advanced Water Heater Specification for Tier 3 products. The Builder Class water heater is available in 50-, 65- and 80-gallon capacities and is designed for installations in smaller spaces with minimal make up air required.

With a UEF rating of 3.50- 3.70, the water heater is backed by a 10-year warranty, is smart home compatible and eligible for nationwide utility rebates. In addition to builders looking to maximize HERS points, the new product line is suitable for property management companies and HOAs aiming to increase energy efficiency and maximize small space installations, such as closets. Download product specifications here.

Picture of the Rheem Hybrid Build Model 80 Gallon Electric Tank

Features & Benefit

High Efficiency

  • Meets ENERGY STAR requirements
  • UEF of 3.50 – 3.70

Easy Installation

  • Easily ducted for installation in smaller spaces with minimal make up air required
  • Easy access to wide water connection and top electrical junction box; zero to minimal clearance required in the back or side of the unit.
  • ¾” NPT water inlet and outlet; ¾” condensate drain connections
  • Dry fire protection

Available EcoNet® Smart Technology

  • WiFi connected for mobile access
  • Energy usage reporting
  • Grid interactive for utility demand response / load management programs.

To learn more about the Builder Class product line, order product, or sign up for trainings, visit

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