March 08, 2021

Resources to Comply with Updated Washington State Energy Code Change


Washington code change effective February 1, 2021

Washington state finalized the start date of the 2018 Washington State Energy Code (WSEC), effective February 1, 2021. Recently, the State Building Codes Council recommended an extension of the start date to July 1, 2021, which was repealed by the Washington State Governor’s office. At the time of this publication, all residential buildings permitted on or after February 1, 2021 must meet the 2018 WSEC.

In order to help stakeholders with code adoption, the BetterBuiltNW team recommends using the posted resources and recorded trainings available at the Washington State University Energy Extension Program’s website. Resources include prescriptive worksheets and a code compliance calculator. Trainings include recorded webinars available on demand. In addition, the State Building Codes Council published Answers & Opinions that provide guidance to jurisdictions on certain code interpretations that may be helpful in understanding heat recovery ventilation efficiency requirements and dual fuel heat pump compliance credits, among other topics.

For additional on-demand trainings to help you meet and exceed energy code, register for courses with BetterBuiltNWs online training portal.

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