October 21, 2020

Improve Water-Heating Efficiency with Heat Pump Water Heaters


Water heating accounts for roughly 18% of home energy use. Installing heat pump water heaters in above code homes is a best practice to improve water-heating energy efficiency and reduce monthly energy usage. The Heat Pump Water Heater Technical Guide provides considerations regarding installing standard-tank water heaters, such as: condensate management, selecting the best location to enhance performance, and more. Key benefits and features of heat pump water heaters include:

  • Reduce energy consumption and operating costs by up to 60% compared to standard electric water heaters
  • Minimum 10-year manufacturer warranty on tanks and parts
  • Achieve more hot water delivery capacity than standard electric resistance tanks

Oregon builders can reference Hot Water Solutions for information on the Oregon Residential Water Heater Installer license.

Learn more about best practices for installing heat pump water heaters.

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