July 20, 2021

Hot Water Solutions NW Saves on Energy


BetterBuiltNW is committed to sharing key resources that benefit builders and future homeowners. This month we are highlighting Hot Water Solutions NW. With electric water heaters accounting for 18% of the average home’s energy use, installing electric hybrid heat pump water heaters can reduce homeowners’ monthly energy bills by approximately $300 per year.

Hot Water Solutions NW provides helpful information on rebates for electric hybrid water heaters to lower the initial cost of investment, including information on tax credits. In addition to cost savings, electric hybrid water heaters use 60% less energy than a standard electric water heater, meaning a savings of roughly $3,500 over the life of the water heater.

Hot Water Solutions NW can help you determine if an electric hybrid water heater is the right fit for your next project. Find retailers, compare models, and discover available incentives and tax credits at the Hot Water Solutions NW website.

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