October 21, 2020

Ductless Heat Pumps: Built for Cold Climates


Proper installation of ductless heat pumps in cold climates is essential. BetterBuiltNW offers resources for installing ductless heat pumps correctly with best practices and additional resources.

Reference the Installer Guide: Ductless Heat Pumps for Cold Climates for installing ductless heating and cooling systems in cold climates to ensure maximum performance and homeowner satisfaction. Research shows that, when properly installed, ductless heat pumps work well for heating homes and saving energy. The Installer Guide provides insight on the best location for ductless heat pumps, tips for installing ductless heat pumps, and more. Top installation considerations for high performance ductless heat pumps include:

  • Avoid any kinks or partial kinks in the lineset
  • Ensure outdoor units stay level
  • Ensure insulation covers the entire lineset including flare fittings
  • Air-seal and insulate the wall penetrations

Learn more about installing ductless heat pumps for cold climates.

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