February 24, 2022

BetterBuiltNW Trainee & Project Spotlight: Mark Grismer of Green Canopy NODE


Design and construction professionals who participate in BetterBuiltNW trainings often share their lessons learned and new best practices they have incorporated into recently completed above-code projects. This month, we feature Mark Grismer of Green Canopy NODE, who recently completed the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) training program, and their BrentWood Park Seven project, a Earth Advantage Zero Energy Ready certified subdivision in Portland, OR.

Mark, who has earned his SHP designation, presented at the SHP Project Showcase that took place in January and explained how his training experience helped him and his team achieve greater efficiency and comfort for potential home buyers.

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Mark Grismer

“I’ve been in home building for 10+ years… just building code or to the minimum you can get for green home building. I took SHP and it blew my mind and now I look at building in a completely different way. SHP really arms you with the toolkit to go in and assess situations as your building homes and how to make the best decision to achieve your goal. This was truly my first introduction to building science. I learned a lot and wanted to share how it helped us achieve goals in building homes that were airtight, healthy, and efficient. SHP gave me a lot of the tools that I use to this day to current and future projects. Personally, I think it’s the best resource I know of help home builders prepare for the future.”

Mark Grismer, Project Manager, Green Canopy Node

During the presentation, Mark also shared project details and process insights on Green Canopy NODE’s recently completed BrentWood Park Seven project:

PD Combined

Thank you to Mark for sharing your process and project so that others can benefit from your experiences!


*To learn more about Mark’s process and project, you can watch his presentation from the SHP Project Showcase (advance the Youtube video to 7:20 to catch Mark’s portion).

*To learn more about the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) training program, you can visit this link.

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