April 26, 2022

BetterBuiltNW Trainee & Project Spotlight: Maggie Bates of A1DesignBuild


Design and construction professionals who have recently completed BetterBuiltNW trainings are great sources for lessons learned and best practices incorporated into their recently-completed, above-code projects. In this article, we feature Maggie Bates of A1DesignBuild and her Cable Street Faswall project. Maggie recently completed the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) online training program, and then joined BetterBuiltNW and Earth Advantage during a live webinar to share how SHP influenced the design and construction of this Zero Energy Ready certified home in Bellingham, Washington.

Maggie, who has earned her SHP designation, presented at a Project Showcase that took place in January. During the webinar, she explained how her training experience helped her and the A1DeisgnBuild team achieve greater efficiency and “level up” to become high performance homebuilders:

Maggie Bates

During the presentation, Maggie also shared project details and process insights on A1DesignBuild’s Cable Street project in Bellingham—while the home’s design was not seeking to achieve net zero, the home ended up meeting net zero requirements, thanks in part to Maggie’s SHP training:

Project Details 1 April
A1 pic 1
A1 pic 2
A1 pic 3
A1 pic 4

Thank you to Maggie for sharing your process and project so that others can benefit from your experiences!


*​Click here to watch Maggie’s Project Showcase video (her presentation starts at 43:50).

To learn more about the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) training program, you can visit this link.

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