September 23, 2021

BetterBuiltNW Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Training


BetterBuiltNW recently released a series of online training modules focused on maximizing IAQ and tips for code compliance.

General IAQ
This training
focuses on air filtration best practices for builders. Learn why PM 2.5 is considered the industry benchmark and how builders can provide a comfortable living space while future proofing against natural disasters such as wildfire smoke.

Wildfires and IAQ
As wildfire smoke spreads across the Northwest, homeowners are looking for ways to maintain good indoor air quality. Comfort Ready Home* has a series of consumer-friendly videos on the subject — each video includes practical tips and advice for working with a contractor to improve your home's indoor air quality.

Selling Healthy Homes with IAQ
This training video is designed to be a helpful guide for real estate professionals when talking with clients about IAQ and health benefits of energy-efficient new homes.

IAQ and Washington State Energy Code
The following trainings focus on strategies Washington State builders can use to maximize IAQ while complying with code.

  • 2018 WSEC-R - Build Tight and Ventilate Right Options
    This training
    covers why it is important to provide whole house ventilation in homes permitted under the Washington State Energy Code and provides best practices for getting each component right.
  • 2018 WSEC-R - Balanced Ventilation with ERVs and HRVs
    This training
    explains energy and heat recovery ventilators, as well as several balanced ventilation systems and approaches to consider.
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