18 April, 2024

The Sustainable Homes Professional Training Helps Builder Teams Thrive

Owners of construction companies want each project to produce high-quality results. In this pursuit, Josh Salinger of Birdsmouth Design-Build has prioritized enrolling his entire project team in the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) training, as many other builders have done over the years. He credits SHP for helping to bolster the team's expertise and giving them a shared language to deliver quality results to clients.

Watch Birdsmouth team members discuss how the SHP training taught them to view homes as a system, which helped them improve their building practices.

A robust course presenting building best practices critical to success in today's housing market.

SHP participants gain information and recommendations on how to overcome common barriers and misconceptions to incorporate the most beneficial high-performance building practices that match their specific scenario. The online SHP experience provides 15 hours of valuable content and five hours of optional bonus features, including:

  • Training videos
  • Site visit tours
  • Live webinars
  • Guest speaker presentations
  • Product and technology demonstrations

Trainees can also earn robust continuing education credits and the Sustainable Homes Professional designation from Earth Advantage. Offered since 2008, SHP is recognized across the Northwest for its quality, depth, and applied learning. By earning the designation, building industry professionals can enhance their reputation and gain visibility as informed green building professionals with clients.

Take advantage of this self-paced, field-tested online training program designed to help professionals in the residential construction industry take their building craft to the next level.

Learn more and register for SHP today.

Receive a $50 discount when you register in groups of two or more.


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