Performance Path


20 September, 2019

Event Planning Questionnaire

The BetterBuiltNW team is available to support utilities in planning new incentive program kick-off events with local market partners. Hosting a program kick-off in conjunction with BetterBuiltNW orients interested market partners on the tools and workflows used to qualify homes in the New Homes Performance Path. It also provides utilities an opportunity to focus on presenting the details specific to their program offerings.

If you are interested in a new program kick-off event, please fill out the following questionnaire and send to BetterBuiltNW ( If you will need assistance with pre-event communications, please provide the completed questionnaire at least six weeks prior to the requested email deployment date. Be as specific as possible in your answers. If BetterBuiltNW will be determining invitees, please provide details on who should be included (e.g, raters/verifiers in the Seattle metro or within a specific zip code, etc.). BetterBuiltNW will do its best to identify the appropriate contacts within the BetterBuiltNW contact list for inclusion based on the parameters provided and will provide the list for utility review.

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