20 June, 2024

Oregon Building Code Division Tools Make Understanding the 2023 Residential Specialty Code Easier

At the Oregon Department of Energy’s Oregon Energy Code Stakeholder Panel meeting on April 23, 2024, the Building Codes Division (BCD) provided an overview of online resources that could be valuable to any Rater or builder working in the state.

The Oregon Department of Energy holds stakeholder meetings to discuss energy code development, code specifications and calculations, and to inform their code consultation to the BCD. BCD regularly presents on the Oregon Residential Specialty Code at these meetings.

During the April Oregon Energy Code Stakeholder Panel meeting, resources such as the 2023 Oregon Residential Specialty Code - Energy Code Update Training for code inspectors and examiners were referenced. Other valuable resources are available to help you meet code requirements, including:

Compliance tools

BCD Technical bulletins

Review BCD’s Building Codes Division: Residential energy code compliance, training, and resources webpage for new and updated compliance tools and technical bulletins.

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