22 August, 2023

Exterior Air Barrier Details in the NW

Exterior Air Barrier Details in the NW

Even when done well, traditional air sealing approaches that involve caulk/foam/drywall have proven to leave significant air leakage at the top and bottom plates. With new codes rewarding tighter air leakage performance and homebuyers expressing concern about wildfire smoke, many are wondering how they can make the jump down to below 2 ACH50. Moving to a continuous air barrier at the exterior sheathing plane can provide a highly effective solution.

Attend this session and hear tried-and-true construction details and architectural drawings for integrating an exterior air barrier (sheet goods/tapes, membranes, stem walls and top/bottom plate connections, etc.) into your home building process.

View the training here: Exterior Air Barrier Details in the NW (

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