22 April, 2024

Consortium for Energy Efficiency: Weatherization for Heat Pump Contractors

Audience: Heat pump installers

No matter how efficient a heat pump system is, if the envelope of the home is riddled with gaps and cracks, leaky windows, or is poorly insulated, it will be difficult to keep occupants comfortable and satisfied. This document provides an overview of:

  • What installers need to do before, during, and after installation
  • Prioritizing weatherization improvements
  • When to size the heat pump system during a weatherization project
  • Weatherization strategies for windows, doors, insulation, and air sealing
  • Potential energy and cost savings for homeowners

This document is part of the ASHP Education & Guidance Project Phase II Deliverables (February 2024). All documents in this suite are the culmination of the two-year Air Source Heat Pump Education & Guidance Project business plan. Download the Air Source Heat Pump Decision Matrix and System Guide and other documents here.

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