18 April, 2024

Consortium for Energy Efficiency: System Design with Existing Heating

Audience: Heat pump installers

Not every home is a good match for using a heat pump for heating and cooling. This document will help contractors better understand partial load scenarios, the benefits of heat pumps for partial load applications, comparing partial to whole-home systems, and control strategies for using a heat pump as a primary heating source. Other information covered in this document include:

  • Calculating switchover temperature
  • Fuel costs and heating value
  • Issues caused by oversizing the system
  • How to calculate the cost and energy savings of a partial system

This document is part of the ASHP Education & Guidance Project Phase II Deliverables (February 2024). All documents in this suite are the culmination of the two-year Air Source Heat Pump Education & Guidance Project business plan. Download the Air Source Heat Pump Decision Matrix and System Guide and other documents here.

Sys Des Existing Heating2

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