18 April, 2024

Consortium for Energy Efficiency: Controls for a Heat Pump with Secondary Heating (for Homeowners)

Audience: Homeowners

Similar to the more technical version for contractors, this document can be used to educate your customers on the benefits of using two-system controls for homes that use multiple heating types. Information includes:

  • How two-system controls work
  • When two-system controls should be installed
  • Control strategies
  • Cost reduction and switchover strategies
  • Questions to ask a contractor

This document is part of the ASHP Education & Guidance Project Phase II Deliverables (February 2024). All documents in this suite are the culmination of the two-year Air Source Heat Pump Education & Guidance Project business plan. Download the Air Source Heat Pump Decision Matrix and System Guide and other documents here.

Controls HP Secondary Heating Homeowners2

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