18 April, 2024

Consortium for Energy Efficiency: Controls for a Heat Pump with Secondary Heating (for Contractors)

Audience: Contractors

Prioritizing heat pumps in a residence that uses two heating systems can minimize the use of fossil fuels to reduce the carbon footprint of a home, while maximizing savings and comfort. Learn how two-system controls can reduce callbacks for contractors and make operation easier for homeowners who use more than two heating types. Other topics include when two-system controls should be installed, how to configure them, control strategies, how to determine switchover temperatures using different types of fuels, and balance points.

This document is part of the ASHP Education & Guidance Project Phase II Deliverables (February 2024). All documents in this suite are the culmination of the two-year Air Source Heat Pump Education & Guidance Project business plan. Download the Air Source Heat Pump Decision Matrix and System Guide and other documents here.

Controls HP Secondary Heating Contractors2

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