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02 March, 2022

2021/2022 User Defined Reference Homes (compatible with NWMR V22.0)

This zip file includes 2021 UDRHs for Idaho and Washington and 2022 UDRHs for Oregon. These UDRHs align with the Northwest Modeling Requirements V22.0. These UDRHs are compatible with REM/Rate v16.0.6 (and also REM/Rate v15.7.1 used in the previous version of Northwest Modeling Requirements V21.0)

(Note: 2021 Idaho UDRHs went into effect on August 9, 2021 for Idaho participating programs. 2021 UDRHs for Washington went into effect on October 1, 2021. 2022 UDRHs for Oregon go into effect April 1, 2022)

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