March 23, 2023

Resources for Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act


The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in 2022 has earmarked roughly $370 billion dollars to promote clean energy in new and existing buildings. The IRA has created new tax credits for energy efficient building and established longer terms for builders to claim existing tax credits, which allows real estate and construction companies to plan future investments around these incentives with less risk. Highlighted below are articles that focus on how builders and real estate professionals can take advantage of opportunities the IRA offers.


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United States White House

Clean Energy for All

  • Tax credits available for energy efficient equipment and tax credits and rebates for individuals and families

Home Innovation Research Labs

Federal Tax Incentives for Energy Efficient New Construction and Upgrades

  • IRA Tax Incentive Chart
  • New home construction and the 45L tax credit

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

The Inflation Reduction Act: What Does it Mean for Residential Contractors?

  • 25D: Residential Energy Efficient Property
  • 25C: Non-business Energy Property Credit
  • 45L: Energy Efficient Home and Multifamily Credit
  • High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program


Tax Credits for Home Builders

  • $2,500 available for ENERGY STAR certified single family and manufactured homes
  • DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Program offers additional tax credits, which requires ENERGY STAR certification as a prerequisite.

U.S. Department of Energy Zero Ready Homes

45L Tax Credits for Zero Energy Ready Homes

  • Updated Section 45L overview

Dallas Business Journal

Energy-Efficient Incentives Offer Tax-Saving Opportunities in Real Estate

  • Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 45L and 179D overview and changes from the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Can IRC Sections 45L and 179D be combined?
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