May 26, 2021

Building with Ducts in Conditioned Spaces Training


Join BetterBuiltNW and Earth Advantage for a 2-hour online training designed to help builders, architects, designers, and HVAC contractors in the Northwest learn how to design and build with ducts located inside a home's conditioned envelope.

Designing and building homes so that HVAC ducts, equipment and air handlers are located inside conditioned spaces can reduce energy use by 15 to 20%, compared to typical HVAC installations. Building with ducts inside also improves occupant comfort and can reduce construction costs when skillfully implemented.

Participants of this online, self-paced training will analyze and be able to apply six different strategies for building with ducts inside: open web floor trusses, insulated attic trusses, conditioned attics, inverted soffits, dropped soffits and conditioned basements.

In this training, builders who build with ducts inside will describe the specific strategies and approaches they use. The training also includes access to resources such as CAD drawings, case studies, trade guidelines, implementation strategies, training manual, a dedicated website, and more.

Register today for the free Building with Ducts in Conditioned Spaces training. This training is an update of the Building with Ducts in Conditioned Spaces On-Demand training available on

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