March 24, 2022

BetterBuiltNW March 2022 Newsletter



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Heat Recovery Ventilation System Design Considerations

Achieving reliable ventilation in relatively tight homes requires a balanced system. While there are multiple ways to achieve balanced ventilation strategies in residential new construction, heat recovery ventilators, or HRVs, are the optimal home balanced ventilation system for tight homes in the Northwest. Energy recovery ventilators, or ERVs, may be better suited for cold climates and higher elevations. The Heat Recovery Ventilation System Design Considerations factsheet provides tips and recommendations to make the most of your HRV installation. Unless properly designed, installed, and operated, an HRV may be no more energy efficient than a pair of exhaust fans.

BetterBuiltNW Publishes Additional Ductless Heat Pump Resources

Resources are newly available on the BetterBuiltNW website about ductless heat pumps for installers and builders. These resources were originally developed by the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project (which will be retired in April 2022).

The resources explain installation best practices and how to maximize efficiency, especially in cold climates. Note, in addition to the articles referenced below, BetterBuiltNW published the first two articles in the January newsletter and two more in February.

Programs in the News

RESNET: RESNET Releases 2021 Annual Report

RESNET recently released their 2021 Annual Report, a summary of activity and accomplishments of HERS Raters nationwide. To view this article, visit RESNET’s website here.

RESNET: Public Comment on Seven Draft Addenda and Standards

RESNET recently announced public comments on seven addenda and standards that are currently in draft versions. Each comment period ends March 20, 2022. To learn more, visit RESNET’s website here.

Built Green: Lochwood-Lozier Northwest Idea House

In partnership with 425 Magazine, Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes set out to build the 2021 Northwest Idea House to showcase innovation in technology, sustainable materials, appliances, furnishings, lighting, and more, while also focusing on protecting and preserving the wetlands that surround the home. The project has a five-foot setback from a wetland ecosystem, creating connectivity to a landscape with plenty of native wildlife and vegetation. To read the article, visit Built Green’s website here.

Zero Energy Project: Multiple Building Science Articles

Zero Energy Project recently released the following articles, which address critical building science industry issues, and they explain building techniques and equipment through the lens of building science and energy efficiency.

Energy Vanguard: Multiple Building Science Articles

Energy Vanguard recently released the following articles, which inform builders and designers about advanced construction techniques and innovative building equipment.

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