June 22, 2022

BetterBuiltNW June 2022 Newsletter



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Programs in the News

RESNET: 2022 ENERGY STAR Award Winners

Each year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honors a group of businesses and organizations that have made superior energy efficiency achievements. This article congratulates the HERS® Raters, Energy Smart Builders, and Suppliers Advisory Board Members who have been recognized for the 2022 ENERGY STAR Awards, which includes recognizing Brighton Homes of Meridian, Idaho and New Tradition Homes of Vancouver, Washington as a Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence. To read the article, click here.

RESNET: Public comment on reporting the ownership status of Renewable Energy Certificates

RESNET Standard Development Committee 300 approved Draft PDS-02 of BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-2022 Addendum A-202x, Renewable Energy Certificates, for public review and comment. To read this article, click here.

RESNET: Public comment on CO2 Index

Proposed Standard BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-2022 Addendum B-202x amends the 2022 edition of Standard 301 to modify the criteria for calculation of the CO2 Index. To read the article, click here.

Built Green: Cast Architecture Modern Tudor DADU

Built Green recently released a case study on a modern Tudor Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU), which demonstrates a way to add density to an existing neighborhood while honoring the historical design and character of its traditional Seattle community. Designed by CAST architecture and built by Align Builders, the cottage is packed with plenty of Built Green features that integrate into its blending of modern and historical design details. To read the case study, click here.

Zero Energy Project: Double Stud Wall Simplified – Low Cost, High Performance

Zero Energy Project explains best practices for constructing the double-stud wall, which is a well-established method for creating a very economical, durable, and high R-value assembly in new construction. The article focuses on how to simplify construction methods when building for high performance. To read the article, click here.

Zero Energy Project: Energy Efficient Building Suppliers Make It Easy

Energy-efficient building is much more than a fleeting trend: Around the world, the negative effects of climate change can no longer be ignored, from rising global temperatures to poor air quality caused by pollution. This article explains that energy-efficient, low carbon construction and remodeling is available, no matter your budget or geographic location. To read the article, click here.

Energy Vanguard: Converting Heat Pump Capacity Between English and Metric

With the push for electrification and decarbonization across the country, heat pumps are experiencing increased demand and curiosity. To read this article and learn how to convert heat pump capacity between English and metric units, click here.

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