HVAC Sizing Tool

HVAC Sizing Tool 

HVAC ST (often referred to as “HVAC Street”) allows HVAC contractors to calculate room-by-room or zone-level heating and cooling loads for existing and new small buildings.  It allows quick and easy house description and avoids excessive data entry required by other sizing and design tools on the market. This unique online tool does the job of much more expensive industry software programs in far less time. HVAC ST users can go from accurately sizing load and demand to printing out design specifications in about 30 minutes.

HVAC ST is based on ACCA Manual J and D, with common assumptions used to speed data entry.  It was tested at a national level and demonstrated consistent results with other ACCA-approved software and ACCA Manual J and Manual D calculations. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) developed the tool in collaboration with Clearesult Inc. to support energy efficiency programs of northwest utilities. In 2020 it was made available for anyone to use without charge, though the utility incentive program connections are only available in the four Pacific Northwest States.

What You Get with HVAC ST

  • The fastest, easiest, most cost-effective HVAC sizing and design solution on the market
  • A simplified sizing and duct sizing that keeps all your project information in the cloud
  • Company level management of multiple designers
  • The web browser interface that works with most browsers, providing “cookies enabled”
  • Quick data entry that takes approximately a quarter of the time required by other tools
  • Detailed, printable specification reports for every installation
  • Accurate heat transfer and load sizing for residential buildings (small commercial buildings will work too)

How To Use It

  1. Register your HVAC ST license on this website for complete access to the tool.
  2. Watch the You-tube webinars available under the Help Menu.
  3. Enter your project site information and build your own libraries of HVAC equipment (optional)
  4. The tool is free to use, but only supported by context sensitive help and webinar found under help menu.

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