Utility Toolkit for Performance-Based New Homes Programs

This guide provides overview information and links to supporting resources for launching and maintaining a successful program in your territory.

Posted: 11/16/2018


The New Construction Standard Protocol is a method by which “utility-grade” energy savings estimations can be generated using commercially available software tool REM/Rate™. It was developed by the BetterBuiltNW team in partnership with the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s Regional Technical Forum (RTF) along with regional stakeholders. Since the protocol’s approval for use in July 2016, the BetterBuiltNW team has engaged with public- and investor-owned utilities throughout the region to establish and support residential new construction programs based upon its principles.

The protocol leverages energy modeling software REM/Rate as a platform for calculating heating and cooling energy savings.

Utilities may launch a performance-based new homes incentive program at any time. Consult the BetterBuiltNW team at info@BetterBuiltNW.com on program design, Performance Path orientation, AXIS database configuration and quality assurance planning

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