US Department of Energy (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home

Available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana

A DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is a high performance home which is so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption. These award-winning homes are constructed by a select group of leading builders across the country and are independently certified to meet the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home guidelines.  The program builds upon the comprehensive building science requirements of ENERGY STAR® for Homes Version 3, along with proven Building America innovations and best practices.  Each ZERH home incorporates seven must-have systems:

  1. An optimized thermal protection system
  2. A whole-home water protection system
  3. A high-performance heating and cooling system
  4. High efficiency components
  5. Comprehensive indoor air quality
  6. Solar ready construction
  7. Enhanced quality assurance

Zero Energy Ready Home is the Home of the Future, available Today for a superior homeowner experience. That’s why it’s the home leading industry experts would choose for themselves.

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ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes

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Energy Performance Score

EPSTM, brought to you by Energy Trust of Oregon, is an energy performance score that rates the efficiency of a home and measures it against similar-sized homes in Oregon. With EPS, the lower the score the more efficient the home. The score can range from zero to over 200, with zero being the most efficient rating.

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