Inland Power & Light’s Gold Star New Home Program

Available in Washington, Idaho

Builders can earn a cash incentive to build energy efficient, single-family homes in Inland Power’s service area. Homes must be all electric and certified by a third-party inspector showing the home is 10% more energy efficient than the current Washington or Idaho State Building Code.

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Additional Programs

Every home has a story. Differentiate your homes and services by partnering with a home certification program.

Benton REA High-Performance New Home Incentive

This incentive goes to the builder of one or more homes that are built to save 10 percent or more energy when compared to a home that is built to current code specifications.

In order to receive this incentive, the builder must hire a third-party inspector, called a Rater, to evaluate the home and ensure it will save energy as projected. With third-party involvement, the home-buyer can purchase with confidence a home they know is energy-efficient and saving them money every day they live in their more comfortable and sustainable home.

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