Benton PUD New Construction Program

Available in Washington

A Benton PUD Energy Efficient Homes rebate is available for new, single-family homes that are certified 10% more energy efficient than the current Washington State Building Code.  Energy savings are achieved by upgrades to a home's:  shell, including windows, HVAC and smart thermostat, water heating, appliances, and lighting, including fixtures.  

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Additional Programs

Every home has a story. Differentiate your homes and services by partnering with a home certification program.

Puget Sound Energy New Construction Program

PSE's new construction programs will help you lower the cost of incorporating energy-efficient systems and equipment into your design. When planning a new project be sure to integrate measures that will help you build more efficiently and earn incentives through PSE's new construction program.

Central Electric Cooperative New Construction Program

Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CEC) is offering a cash rebate to encourage home buyers and builders to construct a home that is more efficient than standard building code.  The New Home Performance Path program allows for a customized rebate based on the kWh savings your structure is above code (10% minimum).  New Home Performance Path verified construction details add up to increased comfort levels for you now and a more durable, long lasting, affordable home in the future.

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