January 27, 2022

Training Videos Available from 2020 Ductless Heat Pump Installer Webinar Series


A version of this article was originally posted to GoingDuctless.com, which was retired on April 1, 2022.

Learn how to improve system performance, increase savings, and install ductless heat pumps reliably in cold climates.

Training Videos Available

BetterBuiltNW is the new home for four videos to help installers sharpen skills for ductless heat pump installations. Even small changes in technique can lead to more reliable system performance, greater energy savings, and longer system life.

The videos listed below are recordings of three webinars offered by the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project in fall 2020, with an additional video that introduces basic concepts for heating and cooling load calculation. The videos are available on-demand on the Going Ductless YouTube channel.

You can also access the PDF versions of the webinar slide decks for quick reference.

Webinars build on the following resources, which you can bookmark or download to keep close at hand for review any time:

Get more savings from ductless heat pumps

How to Get More Savings Out of Ductless Heat Pumps

Research has identified four low-cost techniques that can improve ductless heat pump performance to save homeowners energy and money. You will not want to miss out on adding these four techniques to your skillset.

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The Basic Concepts Used in Calculating Heating Cooling Loads

The Basic Concepts Used in Calculating Heating & Cooling Loads

Make load calculation easier by deepening your understanding of the basic concepts involved in calculating heating and cooling loads. Installers who are new users of load calculation software will learn valuable skills and knowledge to make more accurate calculations.

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Ductless Heat Pump Installation Practices for Cold Climates

The Latest on Ductless Heat Pump Installation Practices in Cold Climates

Cold climates with snow or ice present challenges for ductless heat pumps. Learn how to install ductless systems to ensure they run reliably for years. Topics include: (1) siting the outdoor unit, (2) tips for managing snow depths and wind, (3) smart installation of line sets.

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How to Size and Select a Ductless Heat Pump for Displacement Applications

How to Size and Select a Ductless Heat Pump for Displacement Applications

By using a load calculation to accurately size and select equipment, you can save energy and make customers more comfortable. Thanks to the new Quick and Easy Load Calculation Method, installers can quickly calculate a single room or main zone’s heating and cooling requirement for the displacement of electric resistance heat.

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