May 11, 2021

Webinar - Options for Balanced Ventilation & Tighter Envelopes


Options for Balanced Ventilation & Tighter Envelopes Webinar
Hosted by EEBA

We’ve all heard that we need to “Build Tight and Ventilate Right,” but do we have the approaches that we need that are cost competitive, bring sales opportunities, and are beneficial to resiliency, comfort, and IEQ? In this webinar, we’ll briefly cover why it’s important to use balanced ventilation in tighter homes, but we will then move on to the most common strategies for getting each component right. This includes strategies for achieving tighter buildings and then a review of the seven most common balanced ventilation strategies with some tips and tricks along the way to make it work. Join Dan Wildenhaus, Technical Advisor and Industry Liaison for BetterBuiltNW on this journey to getting homes dialed in for our codes, certification programs, and most importantly our homebuyers’ future experience.



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