June 10, 2021

Webinar - Options for Advanced Walls


Options for Advanced Walls Webinar
Hosted by EEBA

What comes to mind when we say Advanced Walls? Is it 3D printed assemblies? Is this just another term for advanced framing? In this session, Dan Wildenhaus – Technical Advisor and Industry Liaison for BetterBuiltNW - will go over some of the critical components of an advanced wall assembly, walls that reduce thermal bridging, improve building tightness, and have an overall UA reduction of at least 5% over the 2018 IECC. After introducing several strategies and wall designs, the webinar will focus on three potential big “next steps” for builders looking to exceed the energy code: Thermal Break Shear Wall/Extended Plate Beam, Exterior Air Barrier critical details, and interactive tools for UA calculations and tradeoffs.



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