March 19, 2021

'On the Level' Webinar Series - Exterior Air Barrier Details for the Pacific Northwest


Join Earth Advantage for this three-part webinar series on air barriers, indoor air quality, balanced ventilation & ERVs/HRVs.

Many builders across the NW are continually looking to improve the air tightness and ventilation of their homes. At the same time, the OR & WA building code is being updated in 2021, leaving many wondering what the best opportunities are to make the jump in performance.

This 'On The Level' live webinar series will provide you with field-tested recommendations from building professionals and ample opportunity for audience Q&A on the following critical topic:

Exterior Air Barrier Details for the Pacific Northwest

Trainer: Josh Salinger, Birdsmouth Design-Build

Even when done well, traditional air sealing approaches that involve caulk/foam/drywall have proven to leave significant air leakage at the top and bottom plates. With new codes rewarding tighter air leakage performance and homebuyers expressing concern about wildfire smoke in the NW, many are wondering how they can make the jump down to below 2 ACH50. Moving to a continuous air barrier at the exterior sheathing plane can provide a highly effective solution.

Join us for this session and hear from Josh Salinger of Birdsmouth Design-Build about tried-and-true construction details and architectural drawings for integrating an exterior air barrier (sheet goods/tapes, membranes, stem walls and top/bottom plate connections, etc) into your home building process.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand what areas of a building account for the most significant air leakage
  • Review common solutions and approaches to addressing primary leakage areas
  • Gain effective approaches to minimizing leakage via cost effective exterior air barrier solutions
  • Successfully apply this knowledge to various building types, assemblies and architectural details

Offered at no cost thanks to BetterBuiltNW.




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