Integrated Design Thinking for Zero Net Energy Residential Buildings

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  • April 19, 2019



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Ann Edminster will describe how homeowners, designers, architects, and builders, can work together to create attractive, comfortable, durable buildings that require less energy to operate. She will define zero net energy and zero carbon, and explain how to achieve one or both, by selecting the necessary equipment and appliances and adding a solar electric system. Ann will discuss the importance of setting clear project goals, including energy performance goals, and assembling a design/construction team committed to a process that prioritizes cooperation and coordination. She will explain the importance of making good design decisions and discuss reasons to carefully consider architectural complexity in order to make possible architectural and construction details that are buildable and support the performance requirements of the project. Ann will discuss key considerations that enable designers to make choices within a budget rather than seeing achieving excellent comfort and energy performance as a process of adding equipment and cost. The focus of this class is single-family and low-rise residential buildings.

Zero Net Energy Case Study Homes: Vol 1 book:

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