November 6, 2020

How to Cost Effectively Build Zero Energy Homes (Central Oregon - online)


Join BetterBuiltNW , EEBA and Earth Advantage for this two-part, 3 hour webinar series on affordable Zero Energy (ZE) home design and construction in Oregon.

Learn how to eliminate common barriers to Zero Energy (ZE) home construction, benefit from the rapid trend towards ZE, and earn a 'Zero Energy Professional' designation - and earn 6 CE’s while you’re at it!

This course gives building professionals the knowledge to build ZE homes that are affordable, durable, safe, healthy, energy efficient, and comfortable to live in. Participants will learn design principles, equipment options, emerging technologies, material selections, and construction practices that can be integrated into their building process. Other topics include: housing market drivers, localized resources, Washington case studies, incentive programs, ways to assess and communicate economic benefits, and next steps to put principles into practice. The training material is organized into 12 easy steps:

  1. Start with Smart Design
  2. Orient for Sun Tempering
  3. Optimize with Energy Modeling
  4. Super-seal the Envelope
  5. Super-insulate the Envelope
  6. Select Optimum Window Efficiency
  7. Ensure Clean, Fresh Air
  8. Specify High-performance Heating and Cooling
  9. Heat Water Wisely
  10. Select High-Efficiency Lighting
  11. Choose Efficient Appliances
  12. Plan for Renewable Energy

Each step describes the most recent developments with a strong emphasis on affordability.


Live Webinar Series

  • Module 1 - Friday, November 6 @ 12PM - 3PM (PDT)
  • Module 2 - Friday, November 13 @ 12PM - 3PM (PDT)
  • Optional Extended Q&A @ 3PM - 3:30PM (PDT) both days


Attendees will:

  • Identify factors that are driving the U.S. housing market toward ZE
  • Name barriers to the widespread adoption of ZE homes
  • Describe three ways to present the financial benefits of ZE homes
  • List six affordable ZE features that you can incorporate into your practice
  • Create a marketing and sales messages that your company can use to promote ZE homes
  • Learn about available Energy Trust EPS incentives through their just released Net Zero and Energy Smart Home offerings
  • Bring current house specifications and evaluate options/advancements along the 12 steps to ZE/ZER


To Access the online training follow these steps.

  1. Visit Earth Advantage’s Course Webpage
  2. Complete the “How to Cost Effectively Build Zero Energy Homes” Registration Form
  3. You will be sent a link in the receipt of the Registration form that will provide access to the webinar the day of the meeting once payment has been completed
  4. To earn the designation, attendees must pass a designation exam and have completed and passed prerequisite trainings.


Online webinar

Available as two 3-hour training over 2 modules.

An Exam at the end and activities will help you incorporate content covered in this webinar.


0.6 ICC
6 BPI units

Course Fee
$39 | Entire Webinar Series (Regularly $175*)


Architects, Builders/Contractors, Code Officials, Consultants, Developers, Program Representatives, Raters/Verifiers, Subcontractors, Third-Party Verification Program Staff. This training has been designed for Central Oregon building industry professionals and will include information on geographically specific case studies and programs, however audiences from outside Central OR will find value in the content and are welcome to attend.

INSTRUCTOR: Bruce Sullivan

Bruce Sullivan: Bruce operates BASE zero, LLC to promote greater sustainability in residential construction through training, consulting and direct service to contractors. He has been involved in energy efficient construction since 1983. He has worked for Earth Advantage Institute (EAI), Oregon State University Extension Service, Eugene Water & Electric Board and Iris Communications, Inc. He has been the primary content developer for EAI education programs, including Sustainable Homes Professional certification, Building with Ducts Inside Conditioned Space curriculum and the net-zero energy homes program. In 1996, he started one of the world’s first web sites dedicated to green building. In 2006, Bruce’s personal high-performance residence was honored with the NAHB Research Center’s EnergyValue Housing Award and the NAHB Green Building Award. Construction on his most recent project, a small zero energy home was completed in September 2015.

GUEST SPEAKERS: include Matt Douglas from Earth Advantage and Mike Ardeljan – Partner of Dream Home Bend


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