March 17, 2021

Behind the Walls with Noyes Development


Behind the Walls with Noyes Development

presented by PGE and Energy Trust of Oregon

Wednesday March 17th | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Some exciting elements of this Noyes Development property include the Zero Energy Ready certification, a highly efficient variable speed heat pump, ducts inside the conditioned space, and upcoming air sealing by AeroBarrier. Our video will follow Mike Frey as he showcases some of the systems and methods used to create high performance homes in a production environment. Used as a training ground for many builders preparing for more stringent codes, Noyes homes offer an opportunity to learn about practical ways for meeting high performance standards. A live Q&A time will be included as part of the webinar.

Designed to give a behind the scenes look at a new development that fits within high performance home building. It gives viewers the chance to ask questions to the general contractor and learn about the specialty techniques used within the process. These tours are fun and educational, so come take a look inside!




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